Frequently asked questions

How do I add a reflection?

At the end of your day, or at whatever time you scheduled your daily reflections you'll receive a push notification that will take you to a screen to start your reflection. Alternatively, when you complete all of your to-dos for the day, you will be prompted to add a reflection.

How can I edit a reflection?

At the moment, you can't.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription through the App Store.

How do I add a to-do?

It's easy! Just use the text input field at the bottom of your Today or Backlog tab.

Why can't I add more to-dos to my day?

You can only add up to six to-dos to your day every day. This is based off a 100-year old productivity method called the Ivy Lee Method.

Can I schedule to-dos for days in the future?

You can! Just use the drop-down calendar to pick a day in the future, or, schedule a to-do directly from your Backlog.

Can I see all of my reflections?

You can see your seven most recent reflections on the Activity tab.

How do I delete a to-do?

Tap on the to-do and select "Delete task" from the menu that pops up.

Can I mark to-dos from days in the past as complete?

You can go back one day and mark any to-dos as complete.

How do I upload a profile picture?

Tap on the icon in the top right on your "Today" tab and upload a picture. You can either upload a picture from your camera roll, or take a selfie right from your camera!

Can I mark a to-do from my Backlog as complete?

At the moment, no. But you can delete it from your Backlog, or add it to a day in the future and mark it complete from there!

Do incomplete to-dos rollover to the next day?


How do I reorder my to-dos?

Tap on any to-do and reorder them by dragging and dropping them.

Can I make recurring to-dos?

Not right now, but stay tuned!

How do I adjust my notifications?

Open the Setttings > Notificatitons view by tapping on your profile picture icon from the Today tab. You can set a daily Morning or Evening notification.