Community guidelines

Last updated: Monday, May 11, 2020

We want Ivy to be an authentic and safe place. We welcome everyone from a diverse community of cultures, ages, and beliefs.

These guidelines are a work in progress, and will be updated frequently as we learn more about how the community changes as it grows. Please report any activity you see that violates these rules. Our team works hard to keep divisive, disturbing, or unsafe content off Ivy. Some types of content we delete, other things we hide, and we might suspend a user temporarily or permanently if they break these rules.

We look forward to growing this community together!

Have fun!

Existing in a community is all about finding like-minded people and learning from one another – which can be a lot of fun.

Be respectful.

Please keep anything you share publicly in Ivy respectful. If it's something you wouldn't want to be posted on the front page of a big newspaper, then don't post it.

Don't share hateful content.

Don't harass or bully anyone. Don't shame anyone, or anything, for any reason. Don't promote anything that is hateful. We have zero tolerance when it comes to demeaning people for their race, religion, gender, or orientation, and/or ability.

Be yourself.

Usernames are provided for genuine use and enjoyment by. Don't squat or hoard popular usernames. Don't pretend to be anyone else, whether it's a person, brand, or organization.

Follow your local laws.

If it's illegal, don't share it on Ivy.

Don't share private information.

Because of the nature of content that might be in your daily to-do list, some of it might be private and/or confidential. Please don't share anything that could identify someone, a company, or anything else that could be considered private information.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us at