Better together

Community is a fun and social way to get things done.

Burnout can make everyday to-dos feel overwhelming, dull, and fruitless. Things like studying for an exam, mailing a letter, or getting some exercise can feel impossible. But when we do manage to knock those kind things off our to-do list we feel great.

And sometimes, all we need is bit of encouragement.

How does it work?

Plan your day

When you create your daily to-do list, you can make individual tasks visible to Community in just a tap.

Encourage others

You can react to other Community member to-dos to encourage them. They'll get a notification letting them know you're cheering them on.

Celebrate together

Celebrate the collective success of everyone using Ivy by tracking the total number of to-dos complete each day.

Frequently asked questions

Community guidelines

We want Ivy to be an authentic and safe place. Please read our community guidelines.