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Ways to Be Productive During Exams as a Student

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Ways to Be Productive During Exams as a Student

The final, most important hurdle in your learning... Exams. Some students don't mind them; most, however, find them to be a particular patron of stress, anxiety, and worry. 

Exams are an unavoidable part of education, and there is no way around them, but there are a few ways that you can best prepare yourself both before, during, and after your slot in the examination hall. 

Revision, revision, revision

Over the course of a term, you will go to a lot of classes, write a ton of notes, and take on an incomprehensible amount of information. To be able to splurge all of this learned knowledge into an exam paper without going over it again is an unrealistic goal. 

Revision is preached simply because it works! Revisit your work often, re-learn subjects your unsure about, and if you need to, ask your tutors to go over any topics as and when required – this way, you won't find yourself in the exam hall looking like a lost puppy. 

Start early

One of the most essential productivity tips that I can give for examinations is getting pen to paper. Sitting down and thinking too hard about your answers to hard is not going to get you any marks.

You don't want to rush and not take the right amount of care, but it is also important to trust your knowledge and work through the paper with purpose. 

If you find yourself stuck on any questions, it is always best to skip past them and to revisit them at the end. 

Be exam ready

Before an exam, I find it to be best practice to write a checklist of things that you need to take with you. This can include your stationery bag, water bottle, a calculator, anything that you might need to use during the exam. 

If you forget something important, you may find yourself wasting valuable time trying to acquire one during the exam.

What's done is done

As stated previously, exam productivity spans from before, during, and after the exam seating. Many students will leave and examination hall re thinking answers, questioning their efforts, wondering how well they have done, but what's done is done. 

After an exam instead of stressing over your soon to be grade, reward yourself, take a break, and unwind – this will put you in the best mental state for your next one!

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