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Tips to Plan Your Week as a Student

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Tips to Plan Your Week as a Student

Setting a weekly schedule is one of the best ways to stay productive as a student during your studies. Having a written plan in front of you is a great way to manage your time and get things done when they need to be.

It also allows you to see when you can fit in some fun and downtime!


When your filling in your weekly planner, you're going to want to schedule in your most important parts first. This could be your lectures, study groups, exams, whatever they might be, always fill them in first.

By doing this, you will find it easier to work in your other (less important) to-do's and also get a visual of what your up against in the week ahead. 

Be practical

Okay, so you've filled in the important bits, and you're looking pretty stacked up against it, what now? 

If you're staring at your planner and it looks like too much, and you're struggling to fit things in, let alone any downtime, maybe there's something that you can re-schedule. 

Can you miss that lecture and take part in the catch up next week? Is planning your end of year paper a priority when its only February? 

Don't overload yourself and be practical with what you can get done. 

Fit in some rest

Writing a weekly planner is all about being productive, always being on the go is only going to see you getting burnt out and slowing down as a result.

Scheduling in downtime is equally as important as fitting in worktime. Rest doesn't have to mean lounging around doing nothing; it just means stepping away from your studies for a day or even just a few hours and doing something that you genuinely love and enjoy. 

Read a book, meet some friends, meditate, anything that is for you, and gives you a little 'me time,' can do wonders for your productive self.

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