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The 14 Best Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs in 2019

Published by Nicolas Straut on
The 14 Best Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs in 2019

For busy entrepreneurs like you juggling a hundred and one responsibilities, productivity rather than mere busyness can seem elusive. Time is a commodity for entrepreneurs and clawing it back with time-saving technology like productivity apps can make your life far easier.

Thousands of productivity apps exist promising time-saving capabilities but which of them actually deliver? Here are 14 apps that will actually save you precious time as you work to build a successful business by making tasks from writing killer to-do lists to managing passwords far easier.

Apple Screen Time or Zenscreen for Android

Fun apps like Instagram and Twitter, and smartphones in general, can be a huge time suck if you don’t manage your time effectively. Fortunately Apple has launched a screen time manager to combat the addictive features of apps right from your settings. To manage your screen time on your iPhone, go to,

Settings > Screen Time > Then set Downtime (designated time away from your phone) or App Limits (time limitations on specific apps)

For Android, you can download an app like ZenScreen to better limit and monitor your screen use.


With all of the tools and apps it takes to run a business, managing so many secure passwords can be tough on your own. A password manager allows you to store long, secure login information for all of your apps and tools in an encrypted vault. LastPass is a great, free password manager that will get the job done while being ultra-convenient.


If you’re a voracious article and blog post reader, as many entrepreneurs are, it can be tough to keep track of all of the pieces on your list. Bookmarking or emailing yourself articles aren’t long-term solutions and valuable content could be lost in the confusion.

Pocket allows you to save articles easily across your devices in the same, simple format, for free. Best of all, saved articles are downloaded on your app so you can read interesting content offline.


Ivy is a simple to-do list app based on the Ivy Lee Method with which you can focus on 6 top tasks. Ivy tracks your daily progress over the time that you use it and carries uncompleted tasks to the next day. With this app, you can look at what you’ve accomplished in the past on any given day and begin streaks when you track and complete tasks on multiple days.

Become more productive today and download Ivy

Tomato One: Pomodoro Timer

The Tomato One pomodoro timer is an excellent tool for any entrepreneur interested in breaking up their day into bracketed work periods and breaks. Essentially you can set the timer for time lengths around 30 minutes long with 5 minute breaks. These timers also make it easy to track which tasks have been completed. For those who think they would benefit from concentrated work periods free from distractions, pomodoro timers are worth a try.


Journaling is an excellent way to track your personal or project’s progress but it can be a time-consuming exercise if you’re writing in physical notebooks, note apps, or word documents. Journaling apps can make this process easier by allowing you to write long form with ease, tag and sort related entries, and check in on progress over the months and years that you journal.

My favorite app for journaling is Journey which I’ve used for nearly three years to write reflections, work through ideas, and log what’s happened week-to-week.

Google Drive

If you’re interested in collaborating online in spreadsheets or word documents for your business, or just looking to create in these documents for free, Google Drive has a suite of tools for your business. You’ll be more productive in no time as you write, crunch numbers, create decks, and more in Google’s simple tools like Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a must have for entrepreneurs interested in writing simple notes and lists, setting reminders, drawing out notes, and more, all in one app that will sync across your devices. With a helpful Gmail integration, intuitive web app, and apps for your iPhone or Android, you can jot down your ideas or keep track of essential lists on the fly.


Dropbox is one of many cloud storage options that make the life of the busy entrepreneur easier by allowing large files to be accessible remotely without carrying around a single device with large local storage capacity. Especially if your role is tech or design specific, Dropbox is exceptional for storing must-have files or even whole computer storages in the cloud for easy access from a phone, tablet, or computer.


Receiving payment for services or products delivered will be one of the most satisfying feelings for you as an entrepreneur but not if you don’t have the right payment processing software. Unfortunately you can’t legitimately use Venmo for your business yet so you need to find a simple alternative that charges low rates. Due offers these services with a transparent flat rate and easy integration with your website. Reduce headaches and accomplish more for your business without having to worry about payments by checking out Due.


With robo-callers regularly in the news and missed call notifications daily on your phone from these obnoxious spammers, robo-call protection is a must. Apps like Truecaller will automatically block these callers, saving you precious time and helping you sort through the noise, hearing only from callers that matter.


You’ve probably already heard of Trello because they’re the best in the business when it comes to project management. Easily keep track of tasks and larger objectives that need to get done for projects with this simple web application. This tool will undoubtedly help you to better manage projects whether they’re macro or micro, making you a more focused, organized entrepreneur.


Bookkeeping is not a fun activity for any business owner, let alone a busy entrepreneur managing ten stressful tasks at once. Neat makes this process easier by helping you organize receipts and invoices, keeping books clean for tax season and audits, extracting information from accounts, and automating data entry into business software. Make your life easier by giving this time-saving software a try.


If you’re an entrepreneur, you need a website. Whether that website is to showcase projects you’ve worked on or is for your business, Wordpress is well-worth your consideration as a website creator and hosting platform. Only 64% of small businesses have a website, and of those who don’t, 26% don’t have one because of cost. Don’t be one of these numbers by creating a low-cost, high-quality website with Wordpress.

While productivity tools are only one piece of achieving productivity (the others being drive, follow-through, and a job truly worth doing), they’ll absolutely help to increase your capacity to accomplish more as an entrepreneur. While your work as an entrepreneur won’t ever be complete, these tools will reduce your workload and help you to use your time more effectively.


Nicolas is a Brooklyn-based content strategist at Intrepid SEO, a marketing agency. In his free time, he enjoys running, reading, and learning new productivity hacks that will help him accomplish more.

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