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How to Practice Mindfulness Every Day

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How to Practice Mindfulness Every Day

Quick myth-buster: Mindfulness doesn’t make you a hippie.

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment, and the one thing that can seem impossible in our chaotic lives: slowing down.

People who practice mindfulness show improved cognitive function, better social behavior, and an overall more positive outlook.

Today, we’re unlocking the three tips to easy mindfulness in our daily lives.

1. Start your day with purpose

If mornings at your house are crazy, setting a daily intention should be your #1 takeaway from this article. Setting an intention at the start of each day can help you to focus on your core values and decision-making process for the day.

Setting your intention can be as simple as lying in bed and thinking of what you need to achieve today. Have you got a stressful day ahead? Someone you need to have a difficult conversation with? Dreading a deadline? Maybe your intention for today will be “to stay calm and speak with love.” It’s simple, and easy to remember.

Plus, mental health experts agree that being aware of our intentions can influence our behavior and reduce stress levels.

2. Take a breath

Breathing exercises helps to lower stress, oxygenate your body, and calm your heart-rate. During the day, many of us breathe at a quick, shallow level—around our throat and upper chest. Real, nourishing breathing comes from our diaphragm.

Try breathing in for the count of 3. Hold the breath for the count of 9. Exhale forcefully—as though you’re blowing out a candle—for the count of 6. If you’ve got a few minutes, repeat up to 10 times.

3. Practice regular check-ins

Throughout the day, when you find yourself feeling anxious, stressed, or sense the negativity leaking in—hit pause. Take a breath and spend a moment reiterating your intention for the day. As you increase your awareness around your intention, you place more value on yourself and your priorities. This, in turn, boosts our self-esteem and improves our mind-set.

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