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Dealing with Anxiety and Stress at School

Published by Ivy Team on
Dealing with Anxiety and Stress at School

It’s official. Mindfulness alleviates anxiety in stressful social situations.

And if I remember correctly, school was the most stressful social situation most of us hit before the age of 20.

So we’re unpacking 3 super-quick ways to practice mindfulness, and beat back anxiety and stress at school.

1. Accept stress

It sounds counter-intuitive, right? But the fact is: stress is a normal part of daily life. It’s a chemical reaction within your body that actually has some very real, very useful applications.

By accepting that stress happens, we can actively manage it instead of collapsing underneath it. Mental health experts have found that when we expect stress in our lives, we are less stressed.

We are prepared to meet all the obstacles that come our way, instead of trying to avoid finding any obstacles at all.

2. Give yourself a hug

Hugs trigger our bodies to start pumping happy hormones—like oxytocin—into our bloodstream and through our brains.

These hormones instantly make us feel better. Since we might not have a lot of people around us at school to give us a hug, we can hug ourselves. Your neurons don’t know you’re the one giving you a hug—they just know, “Yay! We are loved!” and go about flooding our bodies with a legal love-high.

3. Know the difference between thoughts and facts

Often, the thing that triggers our anxiety isn’t what happened, but how we interpret what happened. A mindful way to reduce our stress levels is to ask, “what really happened here?” The facts are very often completely unrelated to the thoughts and feelings we attach to them.

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