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Benefits of Taking a Break from Social Media

Published by Ivy Team on
Benefits of Taking a Break from Social Media

Experts say we’re spending almost 2 hours of our daily life on social media apps. So, sure, this is a reflection of our culture.

But it's also damaging our health, according to the professionals. To reduce our risk of mental health issues and insomnia, social media might be the gig you’re looking for.

Here, we’re unpacking 3 stellar reasons to embrace a new kind of cancel culture, and quit social media.

1. It can increase our self-esteem

A recent study showed that people between the ages of 14 and 24 registered lower self-esteem after spending more than 1 hour on social media.

2. It helps us avoid FOMO

Social media appeals to one of our biggest natural fears—the natural fear of missing out. Our fear of not being in the loop with social events, personal and professional relationships, and news, leads us to become anxious and scared.

Stepping away from our social media accounts can remind us how to connect with friends and family, and how to enjoy what we have.

3. It helps us connect with ourselves and others

If you’re one of the tens of millions of people who connect online, but struggle to create a real human connection in person—you might actually be making yourself sick. Although isolating ourselves to social media might feel like an ideal platform for introverts, we are still social creatures. As a species, we are designed to require tactile contact. For many of us—and especially for introverts—just spending time in a public place can be all the connection we need.

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