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3 Ways to Take a Break from Technology

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3 Ways to Take a Break from Technology

How many times have you checked your socials today? Do you feel like you are connected to your devices and disconnected from your community?

It’s not surprising.

Experts say we are checking our phones within 5 minutes of waking up, and almost half of us are checking our phones 25 times a day.

It’s not good.

Even if you’re not ready to call your tech-obsession an addiction, we can all benefit from a technology vacation. The benefits of breaking away from technology can include a reduction in symptoms of depression, and reduced levels of anxiety, eating disorders, and insomnia.

Sounds good, right? So let’s go. We’re unpacking 3 ways you can unplug from technology and embrace something way bigger and brighter right now.

1. Take a break

An electronics-free vacation can be the first step in unplugging from technology. Loreen Niewenhuis and her sons, aged 21 and 18, suggest making a habit out of escaping our media-saturated world. Even a mini-break from the pressures of social media can benefit your mental health and help you align with your true self.

Dr. Tom Cooper, author of Fast Media/Media Fast, says that a day without social media (or a device free weekend) can benefit our mental health and clarity.

2. Focus on the things that bring you joy

Dieters know that the trick is to fill up on healthy stuff so you don’t binge on the unhealthy. The same goes for social media. Invest your time in networking activities that bring you joy. Use your online time to bond with your family, talk to people you really like, and expand your mind with intelligent programming.

3. Don’t binge out of boredom

The 2011 Sleep in America poll showed us that 95% of Americans embrace their devices before bed. Exposure to the light of our devices can impact our circadian rhythm and negatively impact your sleep cycle.

In turn, this impacts our mood and outlook on life in general. Aim to shut off all devices at least an hour before snooze time, so you don’t spend valuable zzz hours falling down the social media rabbit hole.

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