A stress-free way to get things done

Discover the secret productivity method used by world-class experts like athletes, scientists, and CEOs.

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Stay organized

When you think of a task – big or small – add it to your Backlog.

Get focused

Every morning, pick your six most important tasks to accomplish that day.

Be productive

Limiting and prioritizing tasks is a proven way to keep you productive.

Say goodbye to your endless to-do list

Keep it simple

Follow an intentionally simple daily routine, with only six things to do. No more, no less.

Take time to reflect

Get a historical view of what you did each day.

Stay motivated

Track your productivity over time with Streaks.

Get out of your head

Something on your mind? Add it to your backlog. When you're ready, bring it to your daily tasks with a tap.


Imagine what you’ll get done

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